What's the ENDALGO experience, and how do I book?

Unlike typical tours or workshops, the ENDALGO experience can be classes, lessons, clinics, and training sessions hosted by local experts. Whether you are a private trainer or coach, whether your organization has teaching classes, training sessions, or group activities, you can create an experience listing and start accepting bookings. ENDALGO provides a seamless booking solution for organizers and users. Organizers can reach out to over 3M users for free, connect with their customers, and build their communities.  

When you join a group, you’ll get updates whenever the group experiences are listed.

Steps to book an experience

Step 1 - Browse the experience that you want to book 

Step 2 - Select the date and time that you want to book

Step 3 - You can adjust the guests if you book with someone else. You need to provide your contact information to the host and special request, if there is any. 

Step 4 - Add your payment method if you don't have one. Then, press the Confirm and pay button to complete the booking.

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