How to host my experience on ENDALGO

Are you teaching soccer clinics? Tennis lessons? group yoga sessions? ENDALGO is the right solution to list and promote your passion. You can reach out to over 3M ENDALGO users for free and increase your brand awareness. You can also generate many leads because your group will continue to grow. Start meeting new customers through ENDALGO!

Steps to create an Experience listing

You must be an admin of your group to create an experience listing. Tab the posting button and hit the Experience button. Then choose your group to start creating an experience listing. 

Step 0 - Tab the posting menu at the navigation bar and choose a group you are an admin of. 

Step 1. Basic - Input the basic information about your experience

  • Experience Title 
  • Representative - Choose a representative among the group admins
  • Sports & Activities - Select the type of sports and activities of your experience 

Step 2. Location 

  • Experience Type - Choose between In-person and Online 
  • Venue - Choose between indoor and outdoor
  • Place - Input the place where you will meet with customers

Step 3. Your Introduction

  • Years of Your Experience
  • Customer Ages - All ages, Adults, or Youth
  • Required Skill Level 
  • Activity Level  

Step 4. Description - Describe your experience

Step 5. Photos - Upload up to 5 photos

Step 6. Things You Provide - List the items that you will provide to the guests

Step 7. Guest Requirement - List the items that guests must bring to your experience

Step 8. Price - Add your payout method if you haven't. Set the price of your experience per guest

Step 9. Discounts - Add discounts if there are any

Step 10. Summary - Review all the information that you filled out. Please fill out if you missed any information that you must fill out.

Then, hit the create button. Your experience has been created.  

You are not done yet. You can set up the experience hours that you want to receive the bookings. 

Calendar Settings

  • Guest Limit - the number of guests that can book per each time slot
  • Start Date - Set a start date that you want to start accepting bookings
  • Date Range - 60 rolling days or you can set the end booking date
  • Experience Hours - you can set the time slots for each day that you want to receive the bookings

  • Blackout Date & Time - Set the date & time that you do not want to receive the bookings 

You are all set. Please let us know if you have any feedback about our experience feature at

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