How to manage bookings from my experience on ENDALGO

When you receive bookings from guests, first, you will receive email and push notifications. When the guests book your experience, they booked as pending status. As an admin as well as an organizer of your group, you need to confirm or decline the bookings. 

Here is how to manage bookings for your experience

First, go to the Experience Overview through your group page. In the overview, you will see all bookings and pending bookings. 

Booking Status

  • Pending - Guests book your experience as pending status. They can cancel the booking when it's pending status. When they cancel their booking, the payment will be automatically refunded.
  • Canceled - Guests cancel their booking when it's pending status. 
  • Declined - You can decline the booking when the host is unavailable on the guest’s booked date. Once you decline the booking, the payment will be automatically refunded to the guest.  
  • Confirm - When the host confirms the booking, it becomes confirmed. It means the experience will happen on the date the guest booked. 

When you click the pending bookings, you will see the guest details and the confirm and decline buttons at the bottom. 

The experience will happen on booked date and time by clicking the confirm button.

By clicking the decline, the experience won't happen, and the payment will be refunded.  

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