How to host classes, lessons, training sessions on ENDALGO

For example, dance instructors are running their classes offline and online. One of the dance instructors in Los Angeles teaches dance to students from ages 10-20 during her free time to earn extra money. She has been using ENDALGO to increase her awareness, run classes, and generate leads for free. She has been fully utilizing the benefits of ENDALGO's experience feature. She sets her working hours whenever she is free to teach. She meets her students offline and online, depending on students' needs. She collected payment right on time. She also organizes her dance class events randomly with ENDALGO's event feature. 

Like her, many local experts use ENDALGO to host their classes, lessons, training sessions, and more on ENDALGO. 

ENDALGO provides a seamless booking solution and payment process for organizers. Not only does the experience feature helps organizers meet their customers, but the event and registration feature can also benefit organizers in engaging with their customers.  

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