What's the ENDALGO registration, and how do I register?

ENDALGO registrations are listed and run by group organizers. The registrations can be new season registrations, leagues/tournaments registrations, memberships for facilities or organizations, etc. You can explore the registrations through the home screen and find the ones you want to join.  

When you join a group, you’ll get updates whenever the group registrations are listed.

Steps to register

Step 1 - Browse or get notified of the registration that you want to register 

Step 2 - Select the product that you are eligible for or you want to register

Step 3 - Press the Register button to confirm and pay.  

Step 4 - If this registration requires you to sign the waiver and release of liability, you need to read, agree, and e-sign the form. 

Step 5 - Provide the additional information that the representative requires you to fill in.

Step 6 - Add your payment method if you don't have one. 

Step 7 - Press the confirm and pay button to complete your registration. 

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