What's the ENDALGO event, and how do I join?

ENDALGO events are organized and run by group organizers. The events are pickup games, tryouts, social meetups, tournaments, and many more. You can explore the events through the home screen and find the ones that fit your need. 

Often groups are created their events based on things like skill level or location, but they don’t have to be. When you join a group, you’ll get updates whenever the group events are listed, and any group member can join the conversation by posting on their group board.

Steps to RSVP to events you attend

Step 1 - Browse the event that you want to attend 

Step 2 - Press the Going button at the bottom of the event page

Step 3 - Whether it's a free event or paid event, the interface is slightly different. If it's a paid event, you will be required to add your card as a payment method. You can adjust the guests if the host allows you to bring your guests. Then you can review the price and hit the confirm button to complete your RSVP. 

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