What is ENDALGO posts and how to use it?

Sports are all over the place in the digital space. Postings can be shared with anyone on ENDALGO, regardless of their locations and topics. People ask questions, promote their groups and events, sell their registrations, and many more. 

ENDALGO allows our audiences to share anything regarding their sports and activities on various topics and look for information on their needs. ENDALGO shows the postings based on your location. You can always update your location at your profile tab. 

If you want to see the postings in other areas, please click the city at the top, and change the location you want to look up. All postings are made by our users who share their interests in sports and activities. 

How to create a post on ENDALGO

Step 1 - Tab the posting button and hit the Post to start creating a post

Step 2 - you can start sharing anything regarding your activities and sports. 

  • Location - Autofilled with your location. You can always change it. 
  • Sports type - Select the types of sports and activities that fit your post. 
  • Title - Input the title. 
  • Message - you can input either photo or text. 
  • Topics - Optional
  • Tag - Optional. You can tag your group and event when you want to promote them.

Here's why people create posts on ENDALGO

  • Ask questions
  • Promote their groups
  • Advertise their events
  • Get people's attention for their classes and more
  • New registration information
  • etc

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