How to create an ENDALGO group?

To create a group, click the Create a new group button on the home screen. You can also create your group from the Home_My group tab as well. 

Start a new ENDALGO group 

Step 1 - Group location - ENDALGO is a geo-location service that helps groups to get their local audiences. Therefore, ENDALGO collects the group location first. 

Step 2 - Group details - We help audiences to find the right groups for their needs. By adding group details, it will help users understand your group better. 

Step 3 - Choose topics for your group - ENDALGO helps your group expose to the potential members as much as possible. By adding topics to your group, ENDALGO can show your group to the right audiences.  

Step 4 - Group name - Input your group name. We highly recommend that you include the location or city name and activity type that can describe your group. 

Step 5 - Photo of your group - you’re required to upload a photo that can represent your group. 

Step 6 - Description of your group - you’re required to write a minimum of 20 characters. We feel it’s important that every group includes a description to help users better understand the group. 

Now that your group is created, try creating your first event! You can also share your group with friends.

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