How much does it cost to start an ENDALGO group?

It's FREE to start an ENDALGO group. 

We don't charge anything for organizers because we respect their hard work in organizing everything for their community members. 

Our group feature for group organizers is free. There is no monthly or annual subscription cost for organizing groups. 

When the transaction occurs in the ENDALGO between group organizers and the users, there will be a fee for Stripe, our payment gateway provider, and a small % of ENDALGO's service fee. We never directly charge the cost to the organizers. 

  • Stripe's Payment processing fee of 2.9%
  • Stripe's Payment transfer fee of $0.30 per transaction
  • ENDALGO's service fee of 5%(Default)   

We are open to negotiating ENDALGO's service fee regarding ENDALGO's service fee. If you wish to talk about lowering the service fee, contact for a possible discount on ENDALGO's service fee. 

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