How to create an event on ENDALGO

Before creating an event, you must be a group admin. If you are not an admin of any of your groups, you need to create a group to host your events on ENDALGO. 

Steps to create a public event on ENDALGO

Click the "+" button(Posting button) in the navigation menu. 

Step 0 - Choose the group that you are an admin of. Then choose the event type that you want to create. If you don't have enough people to play with, we recommend you create a public event. So, ENDALGO can promote your event throughout ENDALGO's network. 

Step 1. Basics 

  • Title: The title of the event you are hosting.
  • Host: Select the host among the group admins. This is a representative of the event that anyone can contact via chat.
  • Starts: Event start time.
  • Ends: The time that the event ends. (This is optional.)
  • Location: The actual address. Search for the location -- we have Google map implemented.
  • Location detail: information such as “Field A” or any other description for the participants to find you and the playing field better.

Step 2. Description -  Write detailed information about the event or game.

Step 3. Photo -  Upload the photo that can describe your event the best. 

Step 4. Optional Settings - Every field is optional. So you can skip this step if the fields are not applied to you.  

  • Registration deadline: Set up a deadline, if necessary, on when you want participants to RSVP by.
  • Participation limit: Set the limit on the number of RSVPs if necessary.
  • Allow guest and guest limit: Set if participants can invite guests and the number of people one participant can invite.

Step 5. More Information 

  • Sports Type: Choose the sports or activity type of the event
  • Age: Select the age option for the event
  • Gender: Select gender information for the event
  • Skill level: Select the game intensity

Step 6. Price - You can create a free event and paid event. Learn more about the paid event here. 

Step 7. Summary -  You can review the info that you inputted. Click the Create button if everything looks good to you. You're done.

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