How do I create a game or event schedule on ENDALGO?

In order to create a game or event schedule on ENDALGO, you first need to be an admin of a group. You’ll be able to locate a create button on the main group page. Pressing this button will take you to the event creation page.

<Button for event schedule creation>

The admin can either create a schedule that is public or just private to the group members only.
Public events have options as the below screenshot. The admin can choose the appropriate type for his or her schedule.

All you need to do is insert some event information to create a schedule on ENDALGO; however, we recommend that you be very detailed to attract more people to sign up for the game -- the more info you have, the better chance players will join your game.

Let me go over each of the fields:

  • Title: The title of the event or game you are hosting.
  • Sports type: the default is Soccer.
  • Starts: game start time.
  • Ends: The time that the game ends. (This is optional.)
  • Location: The actual address. Search for the location -- we have Google map implemented.
  • Location detail: information such as “Field A” or any other description for the participants to find you and the playing field better.
  • Fee: This is explained in another article. Please refer to How do I setup the price for a pickup game article.
  • Description: Write detailed information about the event or game.

Continue with Optional Settings of the event that you can utilize to make the event more specific to your group and needs.

  • Registration deadline: Set up a deadline if necessary on when you want participants to RSVP by.
  • Participation limit: Set the limit in the number of RSVP’s if necessary.
  • Allow guest and guest limit: Set if participants can invite guests and what the number of people one participant can invite.
  • Recurring event: Set if this happens on a regular basis.

The second step to complete creating a schedule includes fields:

  • Age: Select age option for the event.
  • Gender: Select gender information for the event. All male, all female or co-ed.
  • Skill level: Select the game intensity. Is it for very casual players or even up to semi-pro level.
  • Field type: In what type of field (or court) is the event happening in -- outdoor or indoor.

The “Create” button should be enabled when all required fields are filled.

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