How do I create a group?

To create a group, click the Create a new group button on the top part of the home screen. You can also start your group from the group list page.

When the Create Group form appears, you’ll be able to input a group name, the location where the group is based, and set whether the group is public or private. Check out this article to learn more about group privacy settings.

Once complete tap "Next" at the top right corner to move on to step 2. 

You’ll now be able to input some more specific details to better define who your group is for. Under Group Details you can set the age, gender, and skill level of the players you want joining your group. Under “Amenities” you can select as many options as you want. Selecting amenities will help users get a better idea of what they can expect at games or events hosted by your group. What you choose will also effect where your group appears in specific searches and will help the right users find your group. Tap next when you’re done.
NOTE: all of your group info, including the group name, can be edited after your group is created. To make any changes tap the menu icon located at the top of the group page, select “Group Settings”, and then “Edit Info”.

The final step in creating a group is writing a description. You’re required to write a minimum of 20 characters. We feel it’s important that every group includes a description to help users better understand the group. Some things you could include here are:

  • The goal of the group
  • How often you plan on hosting games or events
  • Specific rules for the group
  • The play type
  • Directions or parking info (if all the group events are going to be at the same location)

Once you’re done with the description, tap “Create” at the top right and you’ll be taken to your new group page!

NOTE: Your group photo will be automatically selected from our theme library. To remove, change, or ad your own image, tap the menu icon located at the top of the group page, then tap “Group Settings”, then “Edit Info”, and finally tap on the group profile image.

Now that your group is created, try creating your first event! You can also share your group with friends.

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