How to add a payout method

You must set up your payout method to collect the money on ENDALGO. ENDALGO uses Stripe, the payment gateway provider, to help organizers to manage and earn money. Stripe is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses worldwide. 

P.S ENDALGO does not store personal information regarding users' payment or payout information. 

You can add your payout method using your bank account info and debit card.

Add payout method

  1. Go to Payments and payouts in the Profile tab. 
  2. You will be directed to Stripe to set up your payout method.  
  3. In the stripe, you must input personal details and bank or debit card information. 
  4. After you input all the info that Stripe requires, you are all set. You will be directed to the stripe dashboard, where you can see all your incomings and fees. 
  5. You can come back to ENDALGO to start collecting money by organizing your events, hosting experiences, and selling your registrations.

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