When do I receive payments from ENDALGO?

You will receive your money on your scheduled payout days weekly. You can always edit your payout schedule in ENDALGO. 

Also, you can receive your money right away or edit your payout schedule directly using the Stripe dashboard. Stripe, a Payment service provider for ENDALGO, is a powerful routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to recipients.

Update payout schedule

  1. Go to your payout method through the Profile tab. 
  2. Click the payout schedule in the payout account screen. 
  3. Select the day you wish to receive your money weekly. 
  4. Once the schedule is set, you will receive your money on your scheduled days weekly. 

Important to note: Due to the regulations our payment provider (Stripe) has to follow, the money will be paid out a minimum of 3 days after being received. (This means the earliest your payments will be paid out to your account is 3 days, even though you select daily payments.) You can find and compare all payments by requesting a payment Export. 

Contact help@endalgo.com if you have any problem on your payout. 

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