When do I receive payments from ENDALGO?

You can always edit your payout schedule in ENDALGO. Also, you can receive your money right away by using the Payout Now button in ENDALGO or using Stripe Dashboard. Stripe, a Payment service provider for ENDALGO, is a powerful routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to recipients.

Accessing the Payments Page

  1. Log into ENDALGO
  2. Go to Settings(User Page)
  3. Click Payment from menus. You can see the payout method you already added before.

* If you want to add your payout method, please go to How do I get paid for the games I organized?

Edit Payout Schedule

  1. Click/Tab Payout Schedule
  2. You can select the day Monday through Friday. We only provide weekly payout option at this moment. We will enhance monthly or daily options in near future.
  3. Click Save after you select the day you want to get paid out.

Payout Now

  1. Click/Tab Available amount
  2. You can see your payout history as well as Payout Now button.
  3. You can receive your money by clicking Payout Now if you have Available Amount in your account.  
  4. It will take 1-2 day to transfer money into your account.

* You can go to Stripe Dashboard by clicking Go to Stripe Dashboard button in Payout page to check your balance and payout history.

You can choose the payout schedule to be daily, weekly or monthly. Important to note: Due to the regulations our payment provider (Stripe) has to follow the money will be paid out a minimum of 3 days after being received. (This means the earliest your payments will be paid out to your account is 3 days, even though you select daily payments) You can find and compare all payments by requesting a payment Export.

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