How to see the payments I've made

You can always track the transaction history of the payment you made with your payment method. That's My ENDALGO in the profile tab. 

Steps to see your history

  1. Go to My ENDALGO or My Activities screen in the Profile tab. 
  2. You can see the list of activities you have purchased or participated in, such as events, registrations, and experiences, through ENDALGO. 

  • There are three types of order details that are events, registrations, and experiences. 

Definitions of status

  • Purchased - when you successfully purchased the product(i.e. RSVPed to "Going" in the event)
  • Canceled - when you canceled your order but have not been refunded yet. (i.e., Changed your status to not going from going in the event)
  • Refunded - when the organizers issued the refund on your payment. 
  • Declined - when you had a failure on the transaction, such as a card error. 

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