What is the Soccer Board on ENDALGO?

Sometimes soccer can be all over the place on the digital space. This is obviously a good thing to us soccer lovers, but it can also be time consuming and difficult to find information and other opinions of others in the soccer community. Especially at a time like this where playing soccer or sports activities in general have limitations, players and parents are concerned and curious about what the situation is with soccer in their local area. This is why ENDALGO is providing a “Soccer Board” to our the soccer audience, where players, parents and coaches can freely express their opinions on various topics, look for information on clubs, teams, tournaments or leagues happening in the local area, recruit members or connect with other teams to play and scrimmage, or even look for a coach or referee.


How it Works

When you first access the board, you will be prompted to select the community you wish to be part of; the options available would be listed with some active communities we have on ENDALGO. However, if your local community is not available, you can request us to add your local area or city, so that you can stay active on ENDALGO with soccer information and discussions. Please read through the board rules and policy; as it is a space for the whole community, we’ve defined simple and respectful rules for healthy discussions and information sharing. You have the option to change your default local board if necessary even after you’ve selected on at the beginning.

The board can be utilized for a variety of purposes. We’ve categorized topics. Below is the list and purpose of each category:

  • General - Any topic related to soccer is good to be posted here.
  • Recruiting Players - If you’re recruiting new players for your club or team. Start here by posting about your group and the position that you’re looking for.
  • Free Agent Player - Vice versa, players can post about themselves to express their availability to join a team or a club.
  • Tryout or Registration Info - Tryout sessions or team/club registrations information that can be public to the local soccer community can be posted with this category.
  • Looking for scrimmage - If you’re looking for a team to scrimmage with, be specific on the type of team you’re looking for and post it here.
  • Club & Team Promotion - Any club or team promotion postings can be shared.
  • Tournament & League - If you’re holding (or just promoting) a soccer tournament or league that is looking for more teams to sign up, this would be the right place to upload information.
  • Looking for Coaches and Referees - Post here when you’re trying to find coaches, referees or other staff for your group or event.

The categories are chosen based on the what the soccer audience in general are looking for in digital spaces and communities; categories may be changed or be added.

Each post consists of information on age group, topic, post writer, subject(title), message, and group/event tag. When you’re tagging a group or event to your post, be smart about what you want the local soccer audience to be led to for you may only choose one that would be linked and shown at the end of your posting.


The Soccer Board is a place for anyone who is currently part of or wants to be part of their local soccer community. If you play, watch, coach soccer, manage a soccer group or simply do or like anything related to soccer, you are welcome to comment, make your own postings, participate in a discussion, express your soccer profile, and more.

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