How to reset my password

You can reset your password in case you’ve forgotten it. You must know which email address you used to sign up for ENDALGO (or the email you used to sign up for Facebook/Google/Apple if you’ve created an account through those channels).

Steps to reset your password

  1. On the log-in screen, the option “forgot password” is on the bottom.
  2. This will lead to the reset password page; we’ll ask for your account email here.
  3. Enter your email and press submit. A popup will show saying that we've sent an email with a code.
  4. The app will lead to a screen where you will have to input that 6-digit code.
  5. Once you input the correct code, you will be led to reset to a new password.
  6. Follow the instructions for creating a new password.
  7. Once you’ve created and retyped (i.e., confirmed) your password, press the Change button, and you’ll be directed to the home screen of the platform.

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