Getting started (account setting)

After you sign up for ENDALGO, the first thing we recommend you to do is set up your account. Let us give you a step by step guide on this.

Your profile can be accessed on the very right tab on the bottom. The most basic information such as your name is already there as you entered them during the sign up process. Click on the top section of the page, where your name is written, and this will send you to do account settings page.

<Account setting access and items to fill>

  • Profile photo: Please upload a headshot of yourself. This will make your account more professional and also recognizable as captains will be checking you in when you participate in games and events RSVP'd from ENDALGO.

<Changing profile photo>

  • First, Last Names: Your names can be edited, but we strongly suggest you use your real name. Refer to this article for the reason behind: can I use a fake name?
  • Gender: You may choose to set this as you want.
  • Email: Your email address here.
  • Phone number: Your phone number here.
  • Location: This is strongly recommended to be your correct location for we will be showing games available based on this information.
  • Time zone: You have the ability to change time zones and view time information if you’d wish.

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