How do I setup the price for a pickup game?

Setting up a price for a RSVP ticket to a pickup game is available when you are creating the event. In the event creation page, you’ll see the fee section after you enter the location information for your game. When you press fee, it will lead you to a page with a toggle button named paid event.

<Create event page and the fee menu>

When you turn this toggle on, the page will expand with two more menu: payment method and the amount (i.e. the RSVP price). Here, you may select among two options for the payment method: cash or credit card.

<Paid event toggle on and selecting the payment method>

Let’s first start out with cash. If you (or an organizer) select cash as the method to collect fees, all you have to do is enter the dollar amount and hit done on the top right corner.

<When organizer select cash as the payment method>

If you select credit card as the payment method, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have a payout method registered; again, this is not the payment method that your participants will be paying, but rather the method and information you need to provide in you receiving the payouts for the games you host. If you do not have payout information registered and try to create an event with a payment collection method as credit card, you will be shown a popup that directs you to register this information. You will have to complete this in order to complete setting credit card as the payment method for the players. Refer to how do I get paid for the games I organized article for information on this.

<If you have a payout method registered>

Now, let’s say you have your payout method registered if you have multiple accounts you can choose from your accounts and even add another one if you need to do so.

<Payout method selection>

Next step is to enter a dollar amount that you’ll be charging the participants. Let’s say it’s 15 dollars; when you enter the price, we will automatically calculate the transaction fees that would be charged. Note that if you as an organizer do not want to take the burden on transaction fees and simply want to add it on to the ticket price, turn on the toggle button for the add transaction fee to price menu and this will automatically increase the ticket price so that you will receive the original amount that you intended, which is in this case 15 dollars.

<Fee options and information>

Once you hit done, this will be applied in the event creation page that you were working on as below.

<How fee is shown back in the event creation page>

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