How do I setup the price for a game or event that I'm hosting?

Setting up a price for a RSVP ticket to a game or event is available when you are creating the event. In the event creation page, you’ll see the fee section under the location information for your game. When you press fee, it will lead you to a page where you can enter information on price, transaction fee, cash collection, etc.

<Create event page and the fee menu>

Click the fee section to move onto the detailed page for fee.

Touch the Amount section to enter a price for the game or event.

If you turn the toggle on to "Add transaction fee to price" this will put the transaction fee we charge on the participant. It is your choice as an organizer to get a small loss from transaction fee or to charge it to the participant to make your payout exactly the amount you wanted.

Cash price is also available and it simply reflects the amount you put as a price to play. You will be notified on the fact that the participants who want to pay cash will pay the entered amount.

You need to have a payout method registered; again, this is not the payment method that your participants will be paying, but rather the method and information you need to provide in you receiving the payouts for the games and events you host.You will have to complete this in order to complete setting credit card as the payment method for the players. Refer to how do I get paid for the games I organized article for information on this.

The information you've entered on the price for the game or event will show on the event page as below.

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