How do I search for and join a group

From the main home screen of ENDALGO, you’ll be able to spot a search icon on the top right corner.

<Search button on the top right corner>

By pressing the button, you’ll be directed to a search page where you can type keywords for your search right away. Search for the group that you’d like to join by typing the name of the group. (You can search for different information in the service.)

<Search bar and search results>

From the search results, select the group that you were trying to join; this will direct you to the group page.

<Joining a group>

From the group page, you’ll be able to immediately spot the join this group button in red. Depending on the view privacy setting of this group, you may be able to join the group right away or you’ll have to wait on the group admin’s approval to officially join the group. The button will remain as “pending” until the admin approves or declines (which will get you back to the original view of the group page).

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