Can I use a fake name?

This is a hard NO. Let us list some legitimate reasons below for this answer.

  • ENDALGO is providing information on real-life pickup games. This means that you will show up at games you RSVPed and be checked in by the host. There will be occasions where the host might ask for you to confirm your identity to make sure you are the one who claimed the spot in the game.
  • Games are all covered with liability insurance. If you don’t check in with your real name and an accident with you involved gets to a point that requires insurance coverage, this can be a big problem.
  • Communication and playing sports with your group members can become confusing for others and even yourself. At the end of the day, ENDALGO is a platform just helping you to play sports and share the experience with others with the same athletic interests. It can be a good idea not to present a fake name for no good reason.
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