How do I create a game or event schedule on ENDALGO?

In order to create a game or event schedule on ENDALGO, you first need to be an admin of a group. You’ll be able to locate a create button on the main group page. Pressing this button will take you to the event creation page.

<Button for event schedule creation>

All you need to do is insert some game information to create a pickup game on ENDALGO; however, we recommend that you be very detailed to attract more people to sign up for the game -- the more info you have, the better chance players will join your game.

Let me go over each of the fields:

  • Title: The title of the event or game you are hosting.
  • Sports type: the default is Soccer.
  • Starts: game start time.
  • Ends: The time that the game ends. (This is optional.)
  • Location: The actual address. Search for the location -- we have Google map implemented.

  • Location detail: information such as “Field A” or any other description for the participants to find you and the playing field better.
  • Fee: This is explained in another article. Please refer to How do I setup the price for a pickup game article.
  • Description: Write detailed information about the event or game.

Continue with Optional Settings of the event that you can utilize to make the event more specific to your group and needs.

  • RSVP deadline: Set up a deadline if necessary on when you want participants to RSVP by.
  • Participation limit: Set the limit in the number of RSVP’s if necessary.
  • Allow guest and guest limit: Set if participants can invite guests and what the number of people one participant can invite.
  • Public: can set the game itself to be public or private(invitation only).
  • Gender: Select gender information for the event. All male, all female or co-ed.

  • Skill level: Select the game intensity. Is it for very casual players or even up to semi-pro level.

  • Field type: In what type of field (or court) is the event happening in -- outdoor or indoor.

The “Create” button should be enabled when all requisites are filled.

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