How do I make my group private or public?

When you’re at the main page of your group on ENDALGO, you’ll be able to locate the settings button on the top right corner (i.e. icon with three dots). By pressing this button, you will be shown an option selection box coming from the bottom of the screen.

<Setting button on the top right corner>

Select the group settings option and this will lead you to the settings page of the group.

<Group settings>

On the bottom of the settings page, there’s a menu for privacy. By selecting this, you’ll be lead to two privacy settings that you may modify: view privacy and discussion privacy.

  • View privacy is for you to set the group itself and the contents (i.e. schedules and discussions) either private or public. The default setting is public, so change you would need to change this setting if you’d like the group to be private after you create the group.
  • Discussion privacy is the settings for allowing the members to write on the discussion board or not. If you set this as private, only members with admin authority will be able to write in discussions.

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