Creating and managing subgroups with the web admin dashboard


Group admins can now manage their soccer organization (i.e. soccer clubs, teams, etc.) in different layers by creating subgroups within the group. The terminology can be different among different types of soccer groups, so let us give you an easy example; if you are an admin of a youth soccer club that has teams for 4, 6, 8 10 year olds and for each gender, now within the your club’s main page on ENDALGO you can create a subgroup for each of those different age and gender teams for separate team management (i.e. rostering, scheduling, etc.). Everything you were doing at the group page can be done as well in the separate subgroup pages; creating and managing schedules or discussion can be done in each subgroup level as well. Therefore, we will cover the essential interface and creation and view process of subgroups within the group and further explain member management and rostering.


How to create and view subgroup

After you select your team from the “My Teams” list, you will see “Subgroups” in the bottom of the menu list on “Admin Tools”. By clicking the menu, you will be directed to the subgroups list page (you won’t have any obviously if you haven’t created one yet). In the top right corner, you’ll see a red button named “Create Subgroups” and a popup will appear. All you have to do is write a name for the subgroup and select the age group of that subgroup. You can create multiple subgroups at once. Now you’ll be able to see this subgroup listed in the list or even see it on the bottom of the left hand menu below “Subgroup”; the number inside the parentheses represents the number of subgroups there are for the group. Again, nothing should be complicated here. You now have the ability to create and manage your multiple groups that you have within your club or organization.

<Create by using the button on the top right corner>

<List of subgroups visible on the left menu>


Subgroup settings

We already mentioned the fact that each subgroup can be managed almost independently from the group, but we wanted to mention that the subgroups’ settings, including the subgroup name, representative and group details can all be set per subgroup along with the privacy settings as well. ENDALGO was demanded by many large groups that they would want different privacy settings among the subgroups or teams they have within their group and we were able to deliver that ability with the new admin dashboard’s launch. You can access the subgroup’s “Group Setting” on the left hand side of the menu or on the top right corner on the subgroup’s main page.

<Subgroup settings>

<Privacy settings>



Rostering is one of the key conveniences brought with the launch of subgroup features. Now at the dashboard you can assign, delete or do any moving around or manipulation of the group and subgroup members. From the main page of your group, click the “Members” menu from the “Admin Tools” on the left side. You’ll be able to see the “Assign Members” as a green button among the buttons on the top right corner; this directs you to a two-sided column that allows you to select members and assign them to a specific subgroup. Note that you must select a subgroup that you’d like to assign members to first from the drop box in the top of the right side column. Members can be part of multiple subgroups; again, you can assign individuals to a certain subgroup from here or edit each individual separately by editing their profile. Remember, when a member is removed from a subgroup, he or she still remains in the group.

<Managing subgroup members>



The ability to create subgroups and manage them individually can surely benefit large soccer teams, clubs, and organizations. Please reach out if you have any questions to

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