Managing team/group members with the web admin dashboard

The wait is over for the group admin dashboard on ENDALGO’s website.

Group admins can now manage their members through the admin dashboard on ENDALGO’s website. Many organizers prefer managing their member list or roster on their PC rather than mobile apps; this is sometimes necessary when you’re dealing with multiple teams and thousands of members (it’s convenient to have the option even when your team is small). Now, as an admin, you can add, delete, and edit your members on that PC web at

Access and View

After you select your team from the “My Teams” list, you will see “Members” as the second menu on “Admin Tools”. By clicking the menu, you will be directed to the member list page. Conveniently, you can now view the members in 3 different tabs: Members, Non Active and Admins. You can search for users with the search box right underneath the tabs and event sort them by: First Name, Last Name, Position, Jersey Number, and Recently Joined. Each member’s row will state their name, jersey number, position, email and the subgroups they are part of and at the end of the row, there’s a button named “Manage” for other options.

Manage Button on each Member List Row

From this button, you can either remove the member from the group or add further details to that individual. By pressing “Edit Profile”, you will be directed to a page where you may add or edit information of that member. From the Top, you can change the individual’s name within the group; the name and email in the “Contact Information” section cannot be edited for this comes directly from the user’s information. The cool thing here is you can associate a member with another person; press the “Add Family / Guardian” button to proceed. If you are an admin of a youth soccer club, this can be helpful to associate players with parents and guardians. The next section is adding members to a subgroup of your group, but we’ll inform this in a separate article. Details on jersey number, position, gender, DOB of each member can be added and you can assign one to be an admin or be in the non-active list. Don’t forget to press the “Save” button to complete editing.

Adding Members

Back at the main member list from the Admin Tool menu, on the top right corner you’ll be able to see “Add Member” and “Add Admin” buttons. Add Admin is simply for searching for a member within the group to assign as an admin. The important and useful feature comes from the Add Member option. To start off, you get two options in adding members: 1) adding an individual and 2) adding members in bulk. When adding a member individually, the required fields are actually only their first and last name; think of it as you having the ability to basically manage the members list the way you want without asking each member to sign up. It sure will be helpful to add their email and send an invitation for the newly added member to be on top of all group events and update though (you can choose not to send an invitation to this new member, but we recommend you do so). When adding members in bulk, first and last name and email address are required for each member; this will be helpful in adding all actual members to your group when you first create your group on ENDALGO. At the member list view, you’ll see “Send Invitation” buttons for the ones that haven't signed up yet. Simply, agree to the popup to send additional notice to them.

We truly believe this can make managing members of soccer teams and groups become easier for the admins. Please reach out if you have any questions to

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