How can I get paid to play soccer?

ENDALGO is a soccer community platform that provides all the real-time soccer information in the greater LA area. At ENDALGO, we realize that organizers, like yourself, do all the hard work for the soccer community.  

ENDALGO's goal is to reward organizers for their hard work. It's easy. Just organize your events using the ENDALGO platform and receive cash incentives. 

The incentives vary based on whether the event you are hosting is a free event or a paid event. If you collect payments for your event using the ENDALGO payment features, you will earn the most per hour. Below, you will find cash incentive details:

An ENDALGO representative will evaluate your activity and send funds on a weekly basis. Your weekly payout will be sent every Friday based on your activity from the previous Friday to Thursday. Please make sure you set up a payout method on ENDALGO to receive your weekly cash incentive. Please click here to learn how to set up a payout method.

Our brand ambassador program runs month to month. To confirm your continuation in the Brand Ambassador program, we will send the confirmation email at the end of every month. 

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