What is the transaction cost?

If you wish to collect money from your group members or event participants through ENDALGO, we require you to set up your payout method using Stripe, Payment service provider. In order to process the transaction, Stripe and ENDALGO receive and collect fees from the transaction amount.

Stripe receives 2.9% + $0.30 of each payment as a service fee to process the payment. On top of this service fee, ENDALGO collects a small amount of the money to cover transaction fee and improve service quality in order for us to provide our user with convenient features and stable performance while using ENDALGO.

Choose your transaction cost

In the Create Event page, you have an option to choose who bears the transaction cost whether it’s organizer or players.  

  • Click/Tab Fee in the Create Event page
  • Once you select Credit Card as your payout method, you will be asked to input the price you want to collect.  

* You will be asked to add your payout method if you haven’t set up yet.

<Creating event page and setting up the fee>

  • You will see a tooltip at the bottom with price details after you input the price.  
  • By turn on/off switch of Add transaction fee to price, you can choose who bears the transaction cost for the transactions.

<Setting the price and fee>

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