How do I collect money for the games that I organized?

You can collect the money for the games you organized by adding a payout method through ENDALGO. We use Stripe as our payout service provider, which means your bank account will never go through our servers. Stripe is a powerful routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to recipients.

You can add your payout method with your bank information or debit card. You can only add one payout method per user.

Adding and removing your payout method

  • Log into ENDALGO.
  • Go to Settings (User Page).
  • Click Payment from menus.

* In order to add your payout method, you need to verify your email address if you haven’t. 

<Settings and payment page>

  • Click Add payout method.
  • You will then be directed to Stripe. There will be 2 steps to set up your payment. You will be redirected to ENDALGO once you set up your payout method.
    - 1st Step - Create Stripe account. (Legal names, phone number, and email will be required).
    - 2nd Step - Input Bank Information or Debit Card Information.

  • The below screenshots are showing how you create(setup) your payout method in Stripe both your bank or debit card.

  • Once you come back to ENDALGO. Your account will be shown in the payout method. You can edit your payout information including payout schedules, and check your balance by clicking Available Amount.

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