How do I enter my own player information?

Player information is different from your user account settings; this information is more for you to describe sports related (somewhat but might not all be!) attributes. You may choose not to enter this information, but it can make your profile look athletic! You can access it by pressing the player information area in the player tab.

<Player information setting access and items to fill>

  • Birthplace: Show where you’re originally from.
  • Date of Birth: DOB information here.
  • Handed: Left, right or both.
  • Footed: Left, right or both.
  • Throws: Left, right or both.
  • Bats: Left, right or both.
  • Height: In foot and inches.
  • Weight: In pounds.

Note: There’s an option to change units to metrics if you wish.

  • Sports Interest: Select as many sports interests you have. I think we cover most of the sports.

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