How do I move my pickup group from another service?

It’s actually really simple to make the transition. Create a new pickup group within ENDALGO -- refer to how do I create a group article for more specific guides, but it’s obvious and intuitive once you sign up!

An invite button is available at the top right corner of your newly created group page. This will allow you to freely send links through, email, contact or any other channel you’d like with your mobile phone. Refer to how do I invite people to my group article if necessary.

Start creating pickup games for your group and let your members know at your previous platform or service that they would need to join ENDALGO to RSVP for your pickup games. Continue posting your events on the previous channel, but attach the invitation link so that your members can RSVP to your game at ENDALGO.

Below is an example of an announcement you can make to the members -- feel free to copy and paste with your own link.

We have switched over to ENDALGO to manage all of our pickup games.

To join the group or just the game click this link to join and ENDALGO and complete your RSVP.

ENDALGO is a service platform specialized for pickup sports -- it’s easy for RSVP, communication, refund, game information, notification, etc.

If this does too difficult for you to do, we can certainly help you by guiding through the steps or even do some backend or server-side support if necessary; just shoot us an email at

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