How much do I have to pay to play in a game or event?

A ticket price to RSVP for a game or an event may vary. The price is decided by the organizer of host when he or she creates the event schedule.

As for solely pickup soccer games, there some free games (not often in more of the city areas), but usually there is a cost to participate. We’ve done the research and found out that an average price for a game would usually be somewhere between $10 to $15. The cost is usually for the organizers to offset the cost to book the fields (sometimes they need to pay for lighting too), bring drinks, provide pinnies and goals, etc. Most organizers are doing this for the love of the sports, so please be supportive and grateful for them!

RSVP for events can be done through our platform. Refer to how to RSVP for a game or event article for more information.

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