How can I edit my game or event schedule?

You have the authority to edit the game or event schedule you created within ENDALGO. The first step would be accessing the edit button. The edit button can be found by pressing the top right corner of the event, which will give you the option menus to this event.

When you press the edit button, you’ll be shown an option to edit this specific event or schedule. All the information you input when actually creating the schedule initially, can all be edited here.

<Editing the schedule>

After you’re done editing, simply hit the save button on the top right corner. When you confirm to Save event on the popup that follows, the edit is complete.

Note that you are able to cancel or even delete events completely. This menu can be accessed in the popup menu that you initially accessed to reach the edit button. There's another menu right below named "Cancel Event". A popup shows where you can choose to either cancel or delete the event.

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