How do I RSVP for a game or event?

When you are on an event page, you’ll see buttons that ask whether you are going or not going to the event. If you want to RSVP for the event, you can click on the going button. There are three different interfaces you might encounter depending on the cost and payment method the organizer has selected.

1. Free

When the game is free RSVP is simple. Press going, confirm the information, and you’ll status will be changed to going.

2. Paid

The interface you’ll experience with the game fee collected by cash is actually not too different from the game being free. Confirm your RSVP by going through the information and then your status will again change to going. Note that you are responsible for showing up to the game with the right amount of cash to participate; we cannot help you for not being able to pay because you did not bring cash to pay the organizer. The other option is credit card payment; it is very simple and it secures your spot in the game. When you press add in the payment method, a popup will show for you to proceed in adding a credit card if you haven't already added one.

Add card by adding the card number, expiration date, CVV, country, and postal code; press save to complete adding payment information.

You will now see your payment information added to the RSVP information. Now reserve your spot and your status as going will be shown.

Now get your gears and show up a little early to the games and events!

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