How do I find a pickup game?

We have designed the interface in a way that pickup games near you would be super obvious when you access our platform. We show five games that are in the near future and location for you before you sign up for ENDALGO. After you sign up for ENDALGO, the home interface will show four games (i.e. refer to the image below). Again, the screen has a different layout depending on whether you have signed up for ENDALGO or not.

<Main home screen with recommended games>

In order to browse all the games available for RSVP, press the show more button or the pickup games near you options. in the Explore ENDALGO menu.

<Show more or Explore ENDALGO to expand the list of games>

You will be able to browse through various games and also be able to filter those games by couple different options:

  • Sports Type
  • Skill Level
  • Gender
  • Field Type
  • Distance

<List of games>

Play around with the filters to find the most fitting game to join and play!

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