How to sell registration for my league and tournament online on ENDALGO

Are you organizing leagues or tournaments? ENDALGO is the right solution to start your registration process for your new and existing members. You can reach out to over 3M ENDALGO users for free and increase your brand awareness. You can also generate many leads because your group will continue to grow. ENDALGO will promote your registration listing throughout our network if needed. Start meeting new customers through ENDALGO!

Steps to create a Registration listing

You must be an admin of your group to create a registration listing. Tab the posting button and hit the Registration button. Then choose your group to start creating a registration listing. 

Step 0. Start Listing - Tab the posting menu at the navigation bar and choose a group you are an admin of. 

Step 1. Basic - Input the basic information about your registration.
  • Registration Title
  • Registration Period - Set the date when you start and end accepting registrations  
  • Representative - Choose a representative of this registration among the group admins
  • Sports & Activities - Select the type of sports and activities of this registration
Step 2. Location  - Turn on the switch button if this registration is for the events. 
  • Turn off if this registration is an ongoing thing, such as selling memberships throughout the year
Step 3. Privacy - Turn on the switch button if this registration is open to the public.

Step 4. Description - Describe this registration
Step 5. Photo - Upload up to 5 photos
Step 6. Waiver and Liability - This is a built-in sample adult sports club waiver and liability form. If you require registrants to sign the waiver and liability form, you can edit this form and proceed to the next step. If you don't need this step, turn off the switch button and hit the next button.  

Step 7. Required Info - List the information you need to collect from registrants.
Step 8. Product - Add your payout method if you haven't. You can add various products with different pricing. 

Step 9. Discounts - Add discounts if there are any.

Step 10. Summary - Review all the information that you filled out. Please fill out if you missed any information that you must fill out.

Then, hit the create button. Your registration has been created.  

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